Award-Winning Academics

in a Safe, Nurturing Environment


  • 2013 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence,
  • Earned Governor's Award for STEM for eight consecutive years
  • Our students consistently place in local, regional and State science fairs
  • Our students consistently excel in spelling bees
  • Some high school attended by IWA graduates: St. Ignatius, St. Joseph Academy, St. Edward, Beaumont, Padua Franciscan,  Magnificat, Holy Name, Walsh Jesuit, Laurel and Hathaway Brown.


Incarnate Word Academy excels at preparing students to succeed at the next level whether it is Ready to Learn 3s to Pre-K, Kindergarten Prep to Kindergarten, Kindergarten to 1st grade, 5th grade to 6th grade or 8th grade to high school.

Inspired Learning.

Prepared for Life.


Nationally recognized, Incarnate Word Academy has grown to become a model of educational excellence. We strive to inspire and support each student to achieve academic and personal success through advanced classes, enriching clubs and team athletics. Our students learn to think for themselves, practice their faith, exercise responsibility and become leaders in a safe, dynamic environment. They commit themselves to their classes and develop a strong work ethic, which prepares them for the next stage of their academic life. With our strong community of families, faculty, staff and Sisters, we guide our students to engage the world with faith, compassion, courage and commitment. Our goal is for our students to become life-long learners, reach their fullest potential, be prepared for the future and be engaged members of our Catholic community and world.

Students can expect to receive a well-rounded education, taught in a Christ-centered environment, consisting primarily of reading, mathematics, spelling, science, social studies, computers, health, foreign language, religion and citizenship.  The challenging curriculum engages students and develops each student to his or her fullest potential.

IWA Preschool

Kindergarten Prep

(5 days Full day or 5 days half day)


The Incarnate Word Academy kindergarten prep programs are professionally designed to develop skills and transition students from home to school in a

faith-based, safe, nurturing environment.  We provide a consistent schedule and routine to lessen anxiety and prepare students for kindergarten. From the first day, the children will learn what to expect and enjoy many fun activities while learning:


•       self-help skills

•       social skills

•       language arts skills

•       math skills

•       fine and gross motor skills


Our program prepares a student for Kindergarten. We provide an early childhood

education program that bridges a gap between preschool and kindergarten.  This

program is designed for students who may benefit from an academic program to

prepare them for success in IWA’s Kindergarten.


We work on letter sounds and introduce sight words. Our large group time operates as a morning meeting which includes beginning reading skills, calendar math, simple math operations, and more advanced early learning.


Our program provides children with the necessary social and academic skills for increased success as they progress through their school years. We focus on literacy, math, self-regulation, and social activities. We include a large amount of whole group

instruction, independent work stations and the children in the all day program participate in all specialized classes: Art, Computer, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish.


  • Kindergarten Prep students must be potty trained and 4 years old by Aug 1st.



Kindergarten Prerequisites.


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IWA Primary


We launch positive study habits, foster growth in reading and ready students for first grade: grammar, usage, mechanics, blending, decoding, encoding, fluency, compound words, contractions, punctuation, spelling, automaticity with words, print awareness, phonemic awareness, rhyming, comprehension, story structure, parts of speech and sentence writing.


Math concepts include: establishing early algebraic concepts to be used in the later years, solving word problems, addition and subtraction problems, creating sets, identifying shapes (2 and 3 dimensional), formulating concepts of values and money, positional words, ordinal numbers and pattern recognition.

Kindergarten Prerequisites.


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IWA Primary

First - Fourth Grade

  • Strong study skills
  • Time management
  • Public speaking
  • Cursive
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Independent thinking
  • Reading comprehension
  • Expressive writing
  • Research skills
  • Investigative skills
  • Initiative
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Collaboration

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IWA Preparatory

Fifth - 8th Grade



Includes Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry.  We have an advanced and regular math track. All students graduate from IWA with a full year of Algebra 1 and this allows them to go into honors Algebra 1, 2, or Geometry when going into high school.


Language Arts

Requires rigorous analysis of increasingly complex texts, including informational texts.  The AR program also offers differentiated independent reading practice to build students’ comprehension so that they can then engage in higher level academic tasks.


Develop an understanding and appreciation of various genres of literature; incorporate higher level vocabulary into spoken and written language; identify and use all stages of the writing process to create a multitude of writing pieces for a wide span of audiences.



Hands-on learning coupled with the Science Fair project teach theory, real world application of science concepts, research, teamwork and collaboration, problem solving and time management.


Social Science

6th grade World Geography, followed by 7th grade World History and 8th grade American History.  Develops note taking, analytical thinking, hands on activities, primary source exploration and APA style writing culminating in a research paper in 8th grade pertaining to the end of the Civil War.


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Provides students tools to excel in this ever-changing area while developing critical thinking skills.  Strive for students to be end-users and developers.


Provides a solid foundation for success in Spanish I in high school while preparing students for Spanish II.


Provides students foundation in music history and techniques while developing creative thinking and time management skills.


 Teach art history, the masters, history, styles and techniques using creative and divergent thinking.

Physical Education

 Teaching importance of physical health while  exposing students to variety of skills.